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Haiku Theses, Dissertations and Bibliographies


There has been well over a hundred academic theses and dissertation on the subject of haiku and related genres published in English in the last fifty…

Haiku Foundation Audio Library

The Haiku Foundation Digital Library's collection of audio files containing haiku readings and other presentations on haiku subjects.

Haiku Journals


A collection of the archives of important haiku journals, some of which are presently inactive.

The Haiku Foundation Online Essay Collection


A searchable collection of essays about haiku.
There are two ways to search the collection: 1) the user can browse the contents of the database…

THF Cor van den Heuvel Haiku Library


In July 2013 Cor van den Heuvel donated, as part of a larger gift, his haiku library to The Haiku Foundation. This library consists of 212 personally…

THF World of Haiku


The history of haiku in every country and language that practices the genre

The Haiku Foundation Online Book Collection


The Haiku Foundation Online Book Collection aims to make all books of English-language haiku available to all readers online. Our librarian is Garry…