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The Haiku Foundation Library

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The Haiku Foundation Library


Books, theses, articles, and interviews about haiku and related genres.


The Haiku Foundation Library consists of several thousand hard copies and digital copies of books, theses, journals and articles dedicated to the study of haiku and its practitioners. Haiku journals are presented in a separate collection.
The Library was founded at the same time as the Foundation (2009), and grows through donations, bequests, purchases, gleanings from online source and through the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award competition.


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The Haiku Foundation


2009 – Present


English and others

4114 items in The Haiku Foundation Library

Recently Added

A collection of haiku by American poet Charles Dowling Williams.

A collection of haiku by Swedish poet and diplomat Lars Vargö.

An anthology of primarily Asian-based haiku poets, on marine topics.

A collection of haiku by Danish poet Hanne Hansen.

A collection of haiku by Dutch poet Henk van der Werff.

A collection of poetry, including haiku, by Irish poet Maeve O’Sullivan.

A collection of poems by Irish poet John W. Sexton.

A collection of poetry by Irish poet John W. Sexton.

A collection of haiku and related genres by Irish poet David J. Kelly.

A study of humor in classical Japanese painting.

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