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A travel journal loosely modeled on Issa's Oraga haru (My Spring) on the 200th anniversary of its publication and covering 4 seasons of the author's life in prose and haiku.

The selected tanka of American poet Randy Brooks.

An exploration of reader response as a means of evaluating the practice of reading and writing haiku, as studied in the Millikin University haiku program.

A chapbook about the history of the Man’yoshu, the oldest collection of Japanese poems.

An anthology of Chinese-style poetry written by Japanese literati in the Edo period, translated from the Chinese by Burton Watson.

A collection of haiku by American poet David H. Rosen, with accompanying art by Diane Katz.

An anthology of international haiku in French.

An anthology of haiku in English on dog themes.

A collection of haiku by American poet Gabriel Bates.

A collection of haiku by American poeet Juliet Seer Pazera.
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