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  • Collection: The Haiku Foundation Library

80 haiku by Charles Henry Ford.

Robert Gilliland still publishes the occasional haiku in the best journals, but he was most active in the mid- to late 90s, when this volume, his strongest, was released in 1999.

54 haiku, in six sequences, with a brief bio of the author.

Caroline Gourlay is one of the UK’s strongest haiku voices. This attractive book shows her in her most lyrical and distinctive mode.

98 haiku and senryu, with an introduction by Maureen Ritter and a brief bio of the author.

William Hart is a poet from Kansas, but you’d never know it from his work, which is often richly exotic, as this beautiful 1991 collection will attest.

61 haiku and senryu, in four sections.

Penny Harter had a reputation and extensive publishing credentials in “long poetry” before she came to haiku in the 1970's. This collection, from 1980, gives a flavor of her earliest work.

76 haiku, with two haiku sequences.

Christopher Herold writes poems which reflect his active engagement with zen and meditation, and also his environment by the sea. This chapbook from 2000 captures both of these areas of interest expertly.

30 haiku and 6 tanka about the sea, with a…

14 haiku.

Gary Hotham has worked several recurrent images in his 4-decade history engaging English-language haiku. Here is some of his earliest work.

15 one-line haiku.

Jim Kacian has celebrated Haiku North America by creating a series of personal, themed, and illustrated chapbooks on a variety of topics, beginning in 2005 with this nautical offering.

Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts, Editors, present 300 haiku by 20 authors, 15 haiku each, arranged alphabetically by author, with a Foreword by Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts, and with photos of and brief introductory comments about each author.

Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross have selected 44 haibun and 24 haiga, with an historical preface by the editors and an index of authors.
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