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  • Collection: The Haiku Foundation Library

A book of haiku-like poems by Paul Reps.

A collection of tanka by British poet Leslie Giddens.

An anthology of winning haiku from the 2nd Basho Haiku Challenge, hosted by Issa's Untidy Hut (journal).

An anthology of international poetry.

A collection of poems by Japanese-American poet Yuki Otomo.

A collection of haiku by James W. Hackett tranlated into Irish.

A collection of haiku by Bulgarian poet Dumumar Smephanov.

A collection of haiku by American poet Michael Joseph Phillips.

25 haiku.

Elizabeth Searle Lamb’s earliest published haiku date from the 1970s, well before her time as editor of Frogpond. Here is some of that early work.

A collection of poems by Polish poet Robert Kania, with English translations.

pp. 55, perfect softbound
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