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risteski_znaci na vetrot.pdf
A book of haiku by Macedonian poet Pere Ristteski, with English translations and an Afterword by Elena Prendjova.

A collection of haibun by American poet Harriot West.

A collection of haiku in five languages by Bosnian poet Smajil Durmisevic.

The collected aphorisms of American poet Steven Carter.

A collection of poems, including haiku, by American poet David Elliott.

A collection of haiku by American poet David Kawika Eyre.

A collection of haibun on the topic of recovery from cancer by Canadian poet Elizabeth Crocket.

A collection of haiku by New Zealand poet Owen Bullock.

In this article, Carmen Sterba recalls the poets she met at the World Haiku Conference in London in 2000, and updates their careers and interactions since that time.

A collection of short lyric poems by American poet J. D. Whitney.
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