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A book of haiku and tanka by Megan Aikins addressing themes of illness and death.

Reproductions of paintings based on woodblock prints by Canadian artist Suezan Aikins.

A collection of haiku by Canadian poet Suezan Aikins.

A study of selected haiku of Basho and their relationship to Zen Buddhism,by Robert Aitken.

A personal account of Robert Aitken's path to Zen.

A book of English haiku in 5-7-5 format by Kapanese poet Ashi Akira

A collection of classical Japanese haiku with commentary and in translation.

A posthumous collection of the haiku of Bill Albert.

Albertson_Beyond Shasei_thesis 2013-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf
A study of the poetry of Shimazaki Toson, Doi Bansui, and Yasano Akiko by Nicholas Albertson..

A volume of free verse with some haiku, self-published by Nasira Alma


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