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  • Collection: The Haiku Foundation Library

A collection of haiku by British poet Brigid Fayers.

A second edition selection of modern Japanese haiku by poet Kato Ikuya, translated with a study by Ito Isao.

pp. 104, hardbound with dust jacket

An anthology of tanka by poets of Australia and New Zealand.

A book of haiku in praise of and devotion to Meher Baba by Joe DiSabatino

These stories, compiled by Paul Reps, recount actual experiences of Chinese and Japanese Zen teachers over a period of more than five centuries.

A collection of haiku by American poets Penny Harter and William J. Higginson.

A sequence of war haiku by Ernest J. Berry, with a concluding section by Jerry Kilbride

A collection of haiku by American poet James Hanlen.

A collection of winning haiku from the 1st Basho Haiku Challenge, hosted by Issa's Untidy Hut.

An anthology of haiku written by members of The Southern California Haiku Study Group.
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