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These stories, compiled by Paul Reps from four separately published books, recount actual experiences of Chinese and Japanese Zen teachers over a period of more than five centuries.

"How Zen influenced Art, Architecture, Literature, Sports, Ceramics, Theatre" is the way the cover describes this free e-book by Thomas Hoover.
Library Journal said, “Hoover covers the ground in an easy and informative way, describing the origins of…

A collection of classical Japanese texts selected for their relationship with Zen Buddhism by R.H. Blyth.

Essays by R. H. Blyth and other texts that provide a general introduction to Zen Buddhism.

Essays and Zen texts in translation with commentary by R.H. Blyth

A book of essays on Japanese culture and how it relates to Zen Buddhism.

A study of the comparative poetics of 4 diverse authors.

A collection of haiku by Croatian poet Nikola Duretic.

A collection of haiku by Serbian poet Zoran Doderovic in Slovenian translation.
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