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  • Collection: The Haiku Foundation Library

A collection of haiku by Japanese poets Ban'ya Natsuishi and Sayumi Kamakura

A celebration of Raymond Roseliep, being a collection of 100 of his haiku on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

A collection of haiku by American poet Guy R. Beining.

Translations and commentaries on 100 Japanese haiku, by Helen Sigeko Isaacson, a staff member of the International Haiku Project at The University of Groningen.

A collection of haiku by British poet Brigid Fayers.

An anthology of Japanese haiku “drawn nearly at random from the first 1000 of the 10000 haiku in The International Haiku Data Base”, with commentary; viii + 100 pages, perfect and tape binding softcover.

An anthology of classical Chinese poems in English translation.

A second edition selection of modern Japanese haiku by poet Kato Ikuya, translated with a study by Ito Isao.

pp. 104, hardbound with dust jacket

An anthology of tanka by poets of Australia and New Zealand.

A collection of haiku by American poet John Martone.
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