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Banno Senryu for Gaijin - Valeria Simonova-Cecon.pdf
A selection of 200 senryu originally published in the Japanese daily newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun, in a haiku column edited by the well-known copywriter Takashi Nakahata and translated into English, Iralian and Russian.

A popular metaphor for…

A comprehensive bibliography on the history of Japonisme, Orientalism and modernism in early 20th century English poetry.

Collection of Haiku by American poet Allen M. Terdiman
32 pages, sewn soft bound with wraps

Edward Zuk elucidates for us the importance of WC Williams's practice of haiku as an influence on the Beat poets in the development of English language haiku.

This is The Haiku Foundation page for haiku in Croatia. Click the PDF links above to see articles on the history of haiku in Croatia..

Darko Zubrinic's introduction to haiku happenings inside Croatia, illustrated with many photographs..

A monograph on the practice of haiga in classical Japanese culture.

Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s World of Haiku. The following pages are dedicated to Greek haiku. Click the PDF links above to see a history of haiku in Greece, as well as a selection of Greek haiku.

Found haiku from Eudora Welty's novel, Delta Wedding, by J. Q. Zheng. paperback, 28 pages.
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