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A collection of haiku by Irene Zahava, paperback, 12 pages

A brief history of the development of haiku in Poland by Rafal Z abratyński and a selection from well known Polish poets by Robert Kania.

A thesis on the official suppression of 'radical' haiku during WWII in Japan.

A 4 part essay on the history and development of humor in Japanese haiku, from pre-Basho through to Shiki, by Professor Nobuyuki Yuasa.

In reviewing Red Moon's haiku anthology for 2006, Peter Yovu discusses some of the views about haiku and its future presented by the essayist writing in the volume. Particularly, he comments on the perceived need for the surprising, the irruptive and…

Peter Yovu is concerned that haiku is becoming predictable and imitative, and he makes several suggestions for reintroducing creativity into haiku composition.

Peter Yovu, who has come to be identified with cutting-edge haiku, began, as many of us did, in a more traditional vein. A winner of the Virgil Hutton Chapbook Contest 2005; paperback, 36 pages.

Kristine Young ’s beautiful thematic volume (Baka Press, 1979) is one of the first books of sequential haibun in the
language, making for an instructive and compelling reading experience. paperback, 24 pages

In this essay, Ikuyo Yashimura describes the protest haiku of Kidong Kang, a Korean Japanese.

A description of Kato Somo's trip to the United States and around the world in 1860, recorded in his own words and haiku.
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