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Albertson_Beyond Shasei_thesis 2013-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf
A study of the poetry of Shimazaki Toson, Doi Bansui, and Yasano Akiko by Nicholas Albertson..

A brief account of the history of haiku in Russia.

A volume of free verse with some haiku, self-published by Nasira Alma

Poetry and typographical experiments, by David Alpaugh.

A collection of haiku by Canadian poets Eric Amann, LeRoy Gorman and George Swede.

A selection of the haiku of Eric Amann

A study of Zen in haiku by Eric Amann.

Haiku in English by the schoolchildren of Queensland, edited by Gene Amano. Chosen from the entries to the Japan Air Lines haiku contest for children.

A collection of tanka by American poet an’ya.

A collection of haiga that appeared in haigaonline in 2002.
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