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A volume of 44 haiku in four sequences, from Burnell Lippy, with a short preface by the author and a brief bio.

Ten diagrammed and named cloudscapes from John Martone.

Short, haiku-like poems from John Martone.

This metaphorical volume from John Martone contains 13 Rorschach-like images on blue-lined graph paper and one photographic image of a molar.

Paul Miller, writing under paul m. and current editor of Modern Haiku, debuted in 2002 with this beautiful evocation of nature, wherein one can discover the beginnings of a style he has since developed into a distinctive and lapidary manner.


Paul Miller's second volume of haiku, which won a Haiku Society of America Merit Book award in 2006.
114 haiku, with an introduction by the author.

A haiku year from the Romanian poet, Vasile Moldovan.
146 haiku arranged according to season, with an introduction by Florentin Popescu.

Lenard D. Moore's poetic record of the Million Man March.
10 haiku, with 18 photographs.

Marlene Mountain is the doyenne of English-language haiku. She burst upon the scene with the publication of this iconic chapbook, self-published in 1976, which contains many of her early classics.

94 poems.
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