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Development of French Haiku by Bertrand Agostini.pdf
Bernard Agostini reviews the history of French interest in haiku from its rise in late 19C to its wain during and after WWII. Among the poets discussed: Jules Renard; Paul-Louis Couchard; Albert de Neuville; Michel Revon; Gilbert de Voisins; Julian…

Information on the history of haiku in France by Bernard Agostini, Jean Antonini, Dominique Chipot and Gilles Fabre.

A history of the development of haiku in Africa, with examples.

Mamba is the semi-annual journal of the Africa Haiku Network, edited by Adjel Agyel-Baah and Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian.

A book of haiku and tanka by Megan Aikins addressing themes of illness and death.

Reproductions of paintings based on woodblock prints by Canadian artist Suezan Aikins.

A collection of haiku by Canadian poet Suezan Aikins.

A study of selected haiku of Basho and their relationship to Zen Buddhism,by Robert Aitken.

A personal account of Robert Aitken's path to Zen.

A book of English haiku in 5-7-5 format by Kapanese poet Ashi Akira
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