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This is a research study of second language learning and identity construction. Using autoethnography, I draw on my experiences learning English as a second language to
understand what it means for a Japanese woman to be an English language learner.…

Yoshimizu_WarBrideSenryu_thesis_2008 (1).compressed.pdf
My thesis explores the diasporic memories and poetic practices of four "Japanese war brides" in the state ofWashington, U.S.A. My analysis is based on a two-month ethnographic study where I focused on their poetic practices called senryu.…

A collection of collaborative poems by the writer’s collective Yoko’s Dogs.

A collection of collaborative poems by the writer’s collective Yoko’s Dogs.

An anthology of classical Japanese haiku in translation.

An anthology of classical and modern Japanese haiku in translation.

Ruth Yarrow is a naturalist and activist, and her passion for her vocations can be discovered even in her earliest work, such as this small volume from 1981.

18 haiku, illustrated by the author.

In this thesis I conduct experiments to investigate how pitch pattern is realized in Japanese Traditional Verses. My observation consists of four parts: (i) investigation of
lexical pitch and accentual combinations of Contemporary haiku …

Diglibbiblio-The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words by William Higginson.pdf
An English translation of 500 essential haiku season words, selected by Kenkichi Yamamoto and translated by Kris Kondo and Bill Higginson.

An online sijiki, or guide to Japanese season words, by Kenkichi Yamamoto, translated by William J. Higginson and Kris Young Kondo
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