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A collection of business advice in haiku form by William Warriner; 120 pages, perfect softbound.

A book of haiku in praise of and devotion to Meher Baba by Joe DiSabatino

A haiku primer in journal format, with space to add a haiku a day for 2 years.

Collection of Haiku by various poets, complied by Toranomon Haiku Group; 118 pages, perfect soft bound

An anthology of haiku from the Toranomon Haiku Group

Collection of Haiku by Japanese poet Chie Takamiya

A collection of haiku by American poets Penny Harter and William J. Higginson.

A sequence of war haiku by Ernest J. Berry, with a concluding section by Jerry Kilbride

A collection of haiku by American poet James Hanlen.

An anthology of winning poems from the Penumbra Poetry Contest 1996.
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