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Pamela A. Babusci
PLEASE use simple font, 12 size single spaced NOT double; also put your full name BENEATH EACH TANKA & your STATE abbreviation OR country abbreviation, this makes my editing job so much easier for me-thanks!
NO attachments
NEW: MB will have in each issue an Editor's Choice Award
the poet who receives this award will receive an issue of MB

Moonbathing Issue 22- is now accepting submissions
Moonbathing will publish two issues a year: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.
Moonbathing will feature only women poets. Send a min of five tanka & a max of 10 tanka, please DON'T send just one tanka. per submission period. MB does NOT publish tanka sequences or tanka prose/taiga.
Submission deadlines:
THIS ISSUE spring/summer theme or non-seasonal
Deadline: May 15, 2020
No previously published tanka or simultaneous submissions; no tanka that has been posted on-line, on Facebook/Twitter or on a personal website/blog.
Send your tanka IN THE BODY OF AN E-MAIL to: Pamela A. Babusci: moongate44(at)gmail(dot)com PLEASE NO ATTACHMENTS. E-mail submissions ONLY.
Moonbathing does not assume liability for copyright infringement or failure to acknowledge previously published tanka.
NOTE: I am now accepting Paypal for all poets, ADD $2 extra in addition to the yearly subscription to cover PP fees. to: Pamela Babusci
Subscriptions: $12 for one year (two issues) U.S. and Canada; $6 for single issue. International: $16 (two issues) $8 single issue U.S. dollars, US checks; send US cash or international M.O.—payable to Pamela A. Babusci
Pamela A. Babusci, Editor of Moonbathing 244 Susan Lane Apt. B Rochester, NY 14616 USA
The Editor of Moonbathing is looking forward to receiving your best tanka. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Pamela A. Babusci moongate44(at)gmail(dot)com
I am always here for you.
Respectfully submitted,
Pamela A. Babusci, Editor of Moonbathing

The Haiku Society of Constanta in Romania (founded by Ion Codrescu in 1992) establishes an international haiku contest on the following subject : the lighthouse.

This contest is opened to adults and children (7-19 years old). You may send up to two unpublished haiku in English and in your original language from March 15th, 2020 to May 15th, 2020.

You should also answer this question : What motivates you to enter a contest ?

Write your haiku in the body of the email, and specify your city and country.

Composition of the jury for adults :
Nicole Pottier – president of jury
Iulia Ralia
Maria Grigoriu
Grigoriu Florin
Vasile Moldovan

Composition of the jury for children :
Daniela Varvara – president of jury

Prizes will be some diplomas : 1st prize « Albatros », 2nd prize, 3rd prize and up to 10 commendations (depending of the quality)
Criterias for selection: all the haiku have to be related with the chosen theme : the lighthouse, kigo, solid construction, original association between two distinct parts, the exhibition of sentiments and a simple description should be avoided.
You may send your haiku to :
Winners will be announced mid-August 2020, in Constanta.

Prune Juice is seeking submissions of quality senryu and kyoka in English from writers across the globe as well as submissions of quality haibun and haiga with a senryu twist. 

Full guidelines

cattails is the official journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS) publishing new and un-published works of English haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun with translations in the poets’ original language. It aims to showcase emerging voices alongside the works of established poets.

Now accepting haiga.


Deadlines for submission: Autumn/Winter, November 1st & Spring/Summer, May 1st.

Publication: Spring/Summer appears in mid-June, Autumn/Winter appears in mid-December.

Haiku submitted should be in accordance with the haiku spirit, sensibility and phrasing discussed in About Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. Please read this updated section prior to submitting. Full submission instructions:

Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, Shamrock seeks: haiku, senryu and haibun. We will consider haiku-related essays for our thematic issues. On rare occasions, very short (less than ten) single author haiku or senryu sequences will be considered.

Shamrock does not consider for publication: pseudohaiku, tanka, renga/renku or any other linked forms.

Full submission details:

Send 5-15 poems. Submissions will be read during January/February and July/August only.

Full details

Journal Announcements / hedgerow — rolling submission
« on: March 04, 2020, 03:29:02 AM »

Please send at least 10 poems. Previous issues of hedgerow are available to view online.

Published quarterly, hedgerow is dedicated to publishing an eclectic mix of new and established voices across the spectrum of the short poem, with particular attention to the constantly evolving forms of haiku, senryu & tanka.

Submission instructions

May 15 – June 15 for the July 15 issue
September 15 - October 15 for the November 15 issue
January 15 - February 15 for the March 15 issue

What to send...

Single haiku & serial haiku (sequences, short linked verse).
Haiku that dares claim its own language, imagery, space and now.
Minimal haibun/gembun with a maximum of 10 words in the prose.
Minimal/ist poetry.
One-line poetry/monostich.

What not to send...

“Found” poetry


“Send us your small poems, haiga, or brief haibun...

We accept submissions only during February and August.”

Journal Announcements / Modern Haiku cut off dates — next July 15
« on: March 04, 2020, 02:32:05 AM »
Editorial cut-off dates for the reading and selection of submissions are March 15, July 15, and November 15 (postmark), but material may be sent at any time and upon acceptance will be published in the next available issue.


Submissions may be sent at any time for consideration and will be published in the next available issue.

Spring issue published in April (submission deadline: 31 March)
Summer issue published July (submission deadline: 30 June)
Autumn issue published in October (submission deadline: 30 September)
Winter issue published in January (submission deadline: 31 December)

Haibun, haiga, sequences, and special feature proposals are not restricted to submission windows and can be sent at any time.

The Wales Haiku Journal is an online journal of contemporary haiku poetry. The journal regularly publishes a wide range of haiku poetry and special features related to the haiku form. Featuring selections of work by internationally acclaimed and emerging haiku poets alike, it is the first English-language haiku journal to be released in partnership with a national arts publication. The Wales Haiku Journal is edited by the award-winning haiku poet, Paul Chambers, and is published in partnership with the Wales Arts Review. 

Work submitted may be on any theme or subject, but works that embody the nature tradition of both haiku and Welsh poetry are of particular interest.

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