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I have always felt that “old pond” also applied to the poetic community of the time, with its over-reliance on accepted norms, tradition, and dogma. An idea which fits nicely with Basho’s shift away from said tradition in his new use of frog, and works well with the stagnation that Scott sees. So in that case, I think the first line is needed.


In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: haiku vs. haiku
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:00:23 PM »
blue apple
it gives birth
to a mirror

- Scott Metz

I am hesitant to step into these kinds of discussions since definitions of haiku and our reactions to them are personal, and often pointless, but here goes... My definition of haiku is undoubtedly different than others, as like definitions of religion/spirituality it probably should be. That said, I require from a haiku: participation on the part of the reader, and a transference of meaning from poet to reader. Add in the fact that this poem is essentially two parts (blue apple) and (it gives birth to a mirror) and I am satisfied. I wouldn’t call it a classical or traditional haiku, but I’d call it a haiku.

My first requirement seems easily satisfied; Metz doesn’t tell me what to make of the scene’s parts. I have to determine/feel that myself.

Requirement two. The most interesting feature to me is the switch of expectation. Normally we see images in a mirror, or in other words, the mirror captures or creates an image; in this case Metz has the object creating the mirror, or realizes that without the object the mirror is pointless. There is also a nice redundancy, where the object creates the mirror which creates the object which creates the mirror etc... It is also possible that “it” doesn’t even relate to the apple. Now, I don’t know what a blue apple is, but it seems to fit nicely in this perceptually shifted scene. Perhaps a sad apple, or one tinted with a blue urban light. Perhaps an offshoot of ‘blue moon’, that we only have this perception occasionally. That also works for me. In the end I am left with existential questions of myself and my place in this world. The same questions apply to me. Do I have value outside of myself, or do I need a mirror (society?) to make myself whole?

A nice haiku. 

Paul Miller

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