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Journal Announcements / Under the Basho Journal - 2014
« on: March 03, 2014, 02:55:29 PM »
Under the Basho is now an organic journal that develops its content as the year proceeds. Poet by poet, poem by poem, the journal will grow and develop - its voice will evolve as the year continues. 

The opening date for submissions is March 1st and remains open until November 15th, 2014. December 1st of each year will be considered our formal publication date (an Annual Journal). Submissions will be handled by our editors as they come in; the poems finding their way into acceptance or rejection. Please submit up to 10 poems in each category.  Once we accept poems from you in a particular division (regardless of the number), you cannot submit to that one again until the following issue - next year.  However, you may submit haiku to another division that you have not yet been accepted.

Visit frequently to savor Under the Basho's unfolding.

We have brand new posts in Stand-Alone Hokku, Concrete Haiku, and a Poet's Voice Feature (recorded).  Drop by and begin to follow along - a year of development, growth, and wonderful poetry.

This is just the beginning.  Join in as readers; join in with your submissions.



Journal Announcements / Living Haiku Anthology - 2014
« on: January 20, 2014, 03:48:13 PM »
If it's been awhile, come by and check our many new (to the anthology) and amazing poets.  We represent almost 140 poets and nearly 2000 fine haiku (of various styles).  We continue to grow and enjoy talent from all over the world!  The internet is an amazing thing; without it, we clearly wouldn't be able to read as much of each other's poetry as we do today.

If you have not submitted, please feel free to do so.   [email protected] is the Living Haiku Anthology's personal email for submissions.  Join in.


Contests and Awards / 1st Annual Under the Basho Haiku Contest is Open!!!
« on: October 21, 2013, 05:52:04 PM »
The Contest is open as of today.  Write your best: send your best!  Join in this exciting event!  Three places to be chosen: 1st, 2nd, 3rd; and, five honorable mentions.  Awards are in USA $ and are 500 for 1st; 150 for 2nd; 50 for 3rd.  All winners and honorable mentions receive certificates.  Read about it here!!!  Exciting and challenging. Contest is inclusive: traditional 5/7/5; shiki-shasei haiku; hokku; modern haiku; one line all encouraged.  No concrete allowed.  :) 

Closing is February 15th 2014!  Mark your calendars and don't forget to enter!!!


Journal Announcements / the Living Haiku Journal
« on: October 03, 2013, 12:31:27 PM »
Hello fellow haiku poets and members!!!

We have introduced the Living Haiku Anthology which has raised a lot of excitement and joy amongst readers and writers of all styles of haiku around the world!

This is an inclusive anthology; it is one of the many voices that are living, breathing, and writing haiku today! It is one that accepts and embraces published works - to give them a public home to be read and enjoyed over and over again.

We have just opened it up for submissions! Please, everyone, drop by the page ... know that we are doing our best to represent all haiku voices well ... and fair.

You can submit up to 15 haiku initially. Following that you will be able to develop your presence there (a Living, organic, developing, morphing Anthology) up to 50 poems. (and maybe more once we have this project running smooth and well developed)

You may also submit any poems that you have written up and including to 2012. Please wait to submit poems that you have written in 2013. Those will be encouraged in a few months - 2014.

Visit the page. Write me your comments. Visit us on Facebook!!!

Bring all voices: all poets welcome; submit your finest material and be proud of an Anthology that is for you as well as the readers!

This is a place called home. Park your poetry in this archive of excellence!

Thank you!

Don and Hansha

Journal Announcements / As the Crow Flies
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:15:45 PM »
Good news!  Now available at Barnes and Noble:

Their page looks great!  :)


Contests and Awards / 1st Annual Under the Basho Haiku Contest
« on: September 23, 2013, 11:49:45 PM »
The 1st annual Under the Basho International Haiku Contest is coming soon! Submission dates will be announced by October 1st. 1st Place - $500 (USA$); 2nd Place - $150 (USA$); 3rd Place - $50 (USA$). Five honorable mentions. Certificates will be issued including for honorable mentions. I wish everyone the best of luck and skill.

Check in soon at for more information!

Thank you!


Journal Announcements / Under the Basho Journal - September 15th Issue
« on: September 12, 2013, 01:42:23 PM »
Under the Basho is online:

Under the Basho,journal of fine Haiku/Hokku/One-Liners/Best Of/Spotlight is up and running for the September 15th issue. Join us in reading fabulous poetry by some of the most talented people in the business.  Take your time and browse.  There is much to see: much to read.

See you there!


Under the Basho - a New Online Haiku Journal

Welcome to Under the Basho a literary online journal of haiku and hokku.  Under the Basho is a journal that will emphasize and celebrate the differences of five variant haiku styles including their progenitor and DNA, hokku.  It is a journal that will present these styles through exciting collections of talented authors and their poems.  We have chosen this approach in order to offer a common-ground venue for folks to read and explore these particular approaches at the highest standard; and, to maintain an educational site where folks can study, learn, and understand each style that draws their interest. 

We are also soliciting articles that proffer information and education regarding any of the styles we're currently publishing.  Please email an informal query prior to submitting an article. 

With great thanks in our hearts, we are formally open to accept submissions of poems, papers, and inquiries.  We're excited about the focus of our journal - a single location for publishing haiku of differing principles and aesthetics.

The web address for Under the Basho is:  Please peruse and enjoy!  For questions and inquiries, use the "Contact Us" button to reach us directly.

Please join us in this new adventure!  We would love to see it flourish and enjoyed by all who "click" through the doors!  See you there!

Meetings and Other Gatherings / Haiku North America - 2013
« on: July 05, 2013, 11:58:05 PM »
HNA (Haiku North America) is almost here!  Long Beach, Ca. on the Queen Mary - an amazing venue for a fantastic conference.  Jim Kacian, Dr. Richard Gilbert and a list of other fabulous speakers will be there in full force.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet so many folks you have been chatting/writing with over the years via internet.

Join in:  8/14 - 8/18 It's not too late to sign up!!!  No worry there.  :)

See you there!


Journal Announcements / "L.A. Thru a Lens"
« on: April 20, 2013, 12:51:57 AM »
Recently, Col completed an online book of my haiga which can be found at the following link.  While I provided the haiga, he worked his magic as to the order in which they should be presented; and, did an amazing job.  Linda Papanicolaou wrote the afterword providing much insight as to her reaction to the book in general (very in tune).

Looking forward to your thoughts and responses.

take care,


Contests and Awards / HNA Haiku Contest - THE WINNERS
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:31:53 AM »
Haiku North America Haiku Contest
HNA Conference - August 14th -18th, 2013
Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

The HNA Haiku Contest is officially commencing.  Entry is free. Prizes are $150, 1st; $100 2nd; and, $50 3rd.  There will be 5 Honorable mentions.  The deadline to enter is June 30th, 2013.  Award winners will be announced at the HNA Convention during the Awards Ceremony.  You do not have to be present to be a winner but it will be much more fun if you are - for everyone!!!

Submitted haiku must not be in consideration for publication, other contests, formerly published or work-shopped.  Facebook is considered published in regards to this contest.
Please send up to 10 entries to  [email protected].  Maureen, an independent assistant will log the poems and forward them to the judging staff (to be revealed at the Convention).
Welcome aboard and Good Luck!

Don Baird
Contest Coordinator

Journal Announcements / Simply Haiku - Winter Issue, 2013
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:39:37 PM »
The current Simply Haiku is now online.  Drop by, sit down and enjoy.  :)

Please join in with your submissions for the next issue, the Summer, 2013, Issue.  It is going to be a very dynamic issue! 

Blessings to all,


Journal Announcements / We Are All Japan Anthology
« on: July 20, 2012, 02:16:17 AM »
As a heads up, the We Are All Japan anthology is available.  It really reads well (I already have my copy) and a lot of our poets and fabulous poems are in it.  The book is for a good cause.  Here is the link:  at $4.99 ... inexpensive!



Contests and Awards / Kusamakura International Haiku Contest
« on: July 01, 2012, 11:13:12 PM »
I just found that the Kusamakura is being held once again this year.  Final date for entering is a narrow window from (September).  The following will guide you through the steps if you have an interest:


Kusamakura Haiku Competition, 2012
Submissions must be received by September 10, 2012.

1 - 2 previously unpublished works (including online publication).


Application Details
(link to PDF form for regular mail submission)

Online Entry via webpage

Enjoy and best wishes to us all!!!


In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Battered Haiku/Hokku
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:36:57 AM »
Regarding a topic in Bulgaria today:

"In our media saturated world, so many shoots have been shot, so many ideas have been published, that the pressure to do something “new” and “fresh” is greater than it has ever been. In searching for ever new ways to create images that in some way gain the attention of readers, or consumers, many fashion, magazine and advertising people are simply out of ideas. The majority of readers of this magazine will presumably be women, so it's bound to cause a reaction and evoke emotion."  (link for reference:

This, however, might very well be likened to haiku in the world today:

"In our haiku saturated world, so many poems have been written, so many of them published, that the pressure to do something "new" and "fresh" is greater than it has ever been.  In searching for ever new ways to create haiku images that in some way gain the attention and admiration of readers, editors and publishers, poets are simply running out of ideas and therefore doing whatever it takes to write something new and fresh ... and maybe to get noticed."

Just saying, that we need to be careful to preserve the integrity of haiku/hokku and know that once it has been changed so much, it is no longer a haiku/hokku but some other sort of thing.  All poetry is what it is - but not all of it is a sonnet.  It is now possible that a few contemporary haiku could be called "battered haiku/hokku" ...  ::)

Thinking out loud for the sake of fun and pondering,


(this is a personal opinion and not one that is not meant to (nor does it) represent the opinion of THF) This article just stimulated me to think about haiku. Not trying to ruffle feathers but to simply pose a thought for consideration.  How far is too far?   

The excerpt is from this editorial on the subject:

"Does This ‘Beauty’ Editorial Glamorize Domestic Violence?

 It seems like nowadays you can do pretty much anything and say it's art to get away with it.

Bulgarian magazine '12' features an editorial titled 'Victim of Beauty', shot by photographer Vasil Germanov that’s gaining a lot of attention at the moment. The series of photographs features six models with what appear to be violent injuries, including a black eye, a slit throat and a rippped out ear. There’s very little information available about what the editors are trying to convey with this spread. Unsurprisingly a warning published on the website (in Bulgarian) advises that the images are unsuitable for viewers under the age of 16, or for "people with weak nerves".

I honestly think this is all about getting attention by using shock tactics. After all, would we be paying any attention to “12″ magazine, if not for this shoot? In our media saturated world, so many shoots have been shot, so many ideas have been published, that the pressure to do something “new” and “fresh” is greater than it has ever been. In searching for ever new ways to create images that in some way gain the attention of readers, or consumers, many fashion, magazine and advertising people are simply out of ideas. The majority of readers of this magazine will presumably be women, so it's bound to cause a reaction and evoke emotion.

They are not necessarily "worse" than what is routinely shown during what passes for entertainment on TV but to use images like this in a beauty shoot is degrading, undignified and destructive towards women’s self-esteem. Violence against women is an ongoing problem around the world and not one we want to look at it in a fashion magazine. According to the Amnesty International website, "every day, thousands of women and girls are abused and murdered by their families, raped in armed conflicts and attacked for defending women's rights." Why not give us something empowering to look at instead? "


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