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Religion and Nature

Started by Gabi Greve, March 08, 2011, 01:17:44 AM

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Gabi Greve

In Japan, many natural phenomenon were seen as manifestations of the gods, like mountains, waterfalls, huge trees, the wind and thunder, the sun itself (Amaterasu, Dai Nichi), the moon, the stars . . . and and and

so many season words about these phenomenon exist. and of course, many many many haiku.

Take mount Fuji and other famous mountains  ...  

First View of a famous mountain

They all come under the New Year KIDAI

First view of the landscape, hatsu geshiki, hatsugeshiki
初景色. 初気色 (はつげしき)

First view of Mount Fuji, hatsu Fuji 初富士

Hatsu Tsukuba, First view of Mt. Tsukuba, 初筑波 はつつくば

Hatsu Hiei 初比叡 First View of Mount Hiei (Hieizan near Kyoto)

Hatsu Asama 初浅間 First View or Visit to Mount Asama, near Karuizawa Town

Hatsu Sengen, Hatsu Asama, 初浅間 First view or visit to the Asama Shrine (Mt. Fuji)

o o o o o

Waterfalls are often named after the fierce deity Fudo Myo-o
"Fudo no Taki" 不動の滝

shimotsuki no taki ni koe naki taki Fudoo

there is no voice
in this waterfall in november -
Fudo Waterfall

Shimomura Hiroshi

More are here

o o o o o

I will add to this list as I find the time.

Do you have natural phenomenon in your region that are revered as manifestations of the divine ?
And haiku to share about them ?



Hi Gabi,

First, thanks for starting these new threads!

Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County is a big draw for many Bay Area poets and other artists. Laurie Stoelting, who resides in Mill Valley, has written great haiku about the mountain and the surrounding area. Here are two: 

to a chorus of crickets
the earth
gives up its light

trail ascending we reach     the wind

(both from Light on the Mountain, tribe press)


I am born and lived my life so far in the great lakes basin of north america

it is an ancient glacial basin resulting in the five great lakes. the worlds largest fresh water basin.
many forces of time and traffic of ice result in famous features,

to look at georgin bay at sun set for 20 min will revel personality in nature.
the thundering roar at Niagara falls overwhelms one with the river

the spirit fills the sense

edmond fitzgerald
sank with all hands one dark night
superior lake

I sailed myself on the columbia line
how the rivers connect the lakes connect my memories of dreams  and experience,
and my imagination going to sea and the world from my great lakes.

The lakes whisper to you
and they ignore you

other north american features carry legions .
I have walked on both divides.

I have said enough for now.
the red woods must have some haiku in them

Gabi Greve

Thanks so much, one cloud!

Here in Japan, things have come to quite a change since my last post.

nature has shown her might ...

earthquake night -
the stars are as silent
as ever

Read my daily report cum haiku, since March 11, 2011

(about 1000 km away from Fukushima)


nature's force is aw inspiring.

we can't look away from an erupting volcano,

when a big event happens it captures our collective attention,

yet nature is always powerful even when still or quite.
i feel the power of a river while in a canoe floating with the current
steering only, and life buzzing and popping all about above and under.

I love to sit at the base of an old tree
the power rising into the canopy, traversing time also,
smelling the earth, things falling from above when the air moves

deep roots stand the oak
where the birds nest in their time
in leaf expressed grace

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