Author Topic: "Stone Poems" public poetry/art project open for submissions through July 16th  (Read 973 times)

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Not quite a journal, but this project seems particularly well-suited to one-line haiku and other forms which break out of the three-line form.

Three related sculptures composed of living trees and granite blocks engraved with poems, are conceived to change over time. As the trees grow into old growth giants, they will shift, heave, break and bury the stones and, as a result, the poems engraved on them will be moved as well. The artworks are ongoing, evolving collaborations between the trees, the stones and the poetry––a collaboration that will continue for decades and hopefully centuries.

A central goal of the artworks is to help people gauge and experience the slow but powerful force of plant and tree growth that is happening around us all the time. The works will help visitors engage with a park that they might visit over and over again. They will also act as touchstones to accompany individuals, families and their community across lifetimes––connecting current generations to future ones.

Full details at

The three poems selected will be installed on concrete blocks at a park in SW Portland.  Prize money is mentioned, but it's not clear how much.