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The Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition
« on: August 20, 2016, 06:08:58 AM »
Announcing the Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition

Prune Juice Journal and Failed Haiku  are happy to announce the creation of a senryu haiga competition in honor of Jane Reichhold. Jane's passing touched many of us; her love of all the haiku arts was legendary. We especially wanted her love of haiga and of senryu to be remembered and celebrated by artists and poets of both forms.

We have assembled three judges for this competition: Kris Kondo, Ron C. Moss, and Michele Root­ Bernstein. Their decisions will be final.

Here are the rules of the competition:
1. Three First Place winners will be chosen from the following categories:
a. Traditional Haiga, as in ink, ink wash, watercolor, oils, or tempera.
b. Photographic based haiga.
c. Mixed Media, which can be any combination of traditional and photographic, or
computer generated images and text.
d. All should contain a 'senryu' as the poem.
2. Winners in each category will each receive a $50 prize, and a book of haiga as a prize. AND they be be published in the November 5 issues of BOTH Prune Juice and Failed Haiku, along with a short write up by the judges.
3. The entries can be by a single artist providing both senryu and image, OR any form of collaboration between artists. Please be sure to include complete attribution to both images and poems with your entry.
4. Only TWO entries per artist, and collaborations will count toward both artist's totals.
5. All entries can be sent in either JPG or PNG formats, and should be of a high quality.
6. In the email containing your entry please tell us 'briefly' about how the image was
7. Entries should be original work that has not appeared in any edited journal, but work that
has been displayed on social media or personal websites ARE acceptable.
8. All entries will be sent by email to:  [email protected]  ONLY.
9. Entries will ONLY be received from September 15 to September 30 at Midnight Eastern
Time. Any entries received earlier or later will NOT be judged.
10. The judges will render their final decisions by October 25th, and the winners will be
notified shortly thereafter.

Jane Reichhold was a poet/artist who worked in every form of haiga, some of which can be found at her site: AHA Poetry. A short memorial for her is posted at Under the Basho, with a link to her own long body of work. Jane inspired many, and we hope she will continue to inspire. Some of her own haiga can be found at her site:

Steve Hodge and Michael Rehling

Alan p.s.
Living Haiku Anthology:

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Re: The Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition
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