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Haiku Jam
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:06:30 AM »
Haiku Jam is now the fifth fund-raising event I've been involved with. 

The two poster haiku for the Japan Art Auction have raised over £500 helping a total of over £5000 to be donated:

Haiku Jam is the innovative idea by Paul Conneally to use my haiku (with translations from my colleague Hidenori Hiruta in Akita, Japan) to sell pots of jam! ;-)

Sounds crazy?  Sometimes we need things leftfield, especially when we raising monies for Japan, every little donation mounts up.

If anyone would like to print out the six haiku, ask Paul for permission, and get them onto tea towels, handkerschiefs for even scarves! ;-)

Haiku Jam:

Mmmmm. jam on lightly buttered toast, delicious. ;-)



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