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Faces and Places -- Huntington Gardens
« on: August 23, 2017, 08:45:23 PM »
Hey Poets!!! A Call For Submissions!

Visit this link to read about an anthology I am developing for digital publication -- to be archived at the Living Haiku Anthology!

The following is the description of the project:

Faces and Places -- Huntington Gardens

A few years back I created a book of photos and haiku (haiga) titled, "Faces and Places." The photos are of Los Angeles (situations and nature); the haiku are from poets around the world. I matched haiku with photos to create inspired, surprising haiga through the pairings. Poets did not write for anyone photo specifically as I wanted some creative license to see where it all leads. The book can be found here:

... and it is on permanent display at the Living Haiku Anthology.

Today, I'm making an open call to haiku/haiga poets from around the world to submit up to five haiku for this anthology. The photos here are actual examples of photos in the collection. Hopefully, they get you in the mood of gardens and nature and inspire you to write (blindly) for this book. Do not write for any specific photo here. Thank you.

Send you submission to [email protected] and put "Faces and Places" in the subject line. Include your names as you want it in print as well as the country you are from. Offer a statement of permission and release so that we have the right to publish your poem, if chosen.

Email me if you have any questions. Please, do not post haiku to these photos on Facebook -- they are not prompts in this venue.

Join in! Submit some haiku. Look over our last one, "Faces and Places," and see how beautiful it worked out.

Deadline for submitting is September 30.


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