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Am essay by Dee Evetts on haiku and the aesthetics of James Joyce.

mainoo_60 Aces of Haiku.pdf
A book of haiku and senryu on the subject of tennis by Gabriel Awuah Mainoo.

french_Borrowed Time2019.mp4
A video presentationnof haiga by Terri L. French.

moss_Snowfall Moss Hodge (1).mp4
A video of haiga by Ron C. Moss, with musical accompaniment by Steve Hodge.

strange_Life Flows By2019.mp4
An entry in the 2019 Haikulife Film Festival, by Debbie Strange.

strange_watercoloured words2018.mp4
A video presentation of haiku by Debbie Strange.

An entry in the 2018 Haikulife Film Festival by Debbie Strange.

An exhibit of haiga in video format by Chase Gagnon and Lidia Kosmus, chosen and arranged by members of the Evergreen Haiku Study Group of Lansing, Michiban.

A video presentation of haiga by Joe McKeon.

A video entry in the 2018 Haikulife Film Festival
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