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A book of haiku on the subject of Covid 19.

A book of haiku in English and irish by Gabriel Rosenstock

Ludmila Balabanova IRISH and SCOTS (1).pdf
A book of haiku by Ludmila Balabanova

A sequence of one line haiku by Alegria Imperial

The first serious journal of English-language haiku.

A book of epigrams Tagore wrote after visiting Japan, suggested by haiku, and translated by Gabriel Rosenstock..

A collection of haiku by American poet Alan S. Bridges.

Charlotte Digregorio's timely book, Ripples of Air: Poems of Healing is artistically designed with nearly 200 haiku and 130 other poems of thirteen forms including tanka and haibun. It isn’t just a collection of Digregorio's award-winning poems, but…

A collection of haiku by American poet John Martone.
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