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A collection of haiku, photographs and other writings by British poet Robert E. Smith.

A collection of haiku in Scots and English by Scots poet John McDonald.

An extended essay on the role of haiku in Greek literature, by Greek poet Zoe Savina.

A collection of haiku and ink painting by Australian poet and artist Ron C. Moss.

A collection of haibun, tanbun and tanka prose by Bhutanese poet Sonam Chhoki and Canadian poet Mike Montreuil.

A collection of haiku and other poems by American poet Vishal Patel.

A collection of haiku by New Zealand poet Nola Borrell.

A collection of haiku by French poet Jean Antonini, rendered into haiga by French artist Roger Groslon.

A comprehensive history of the journal of record for American (and English-language) haiku, by one of its former editors.

A collection of haiku by American poet Gary Hotham.
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