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A collection of spring haiku by Brazilian poet José Marins.

Im_Sog_der_Stille _Cover.pdf
Klaus-Dieter Wirth has been writing haiku for more than 40 years. His book is unique in being documentary, chronological, and quadrilingual (German, English, French, Spanish); all texts are his own translations, the originals not always in his mother…

A collection of haiku and related work by American poet Barbara Tate.

A collection of haiku by Chilean poet Mauricio Tolosa.

ashraf_Working with Demons.pdf
A collection of haiku by Pakistani poet HIfsa Ashraf.

A collection of haiku by British poet Alan Summers.

A collaborative book of haiku by Pakistani poet Hifsa Ashraf and British poet Alan Summers.

A collaboration between Canadian poet Ignatius Fay and Canadian photographer R J Belcourt, comprising haibun and photo haiku.

A collection of haiku by Greek poet Zoe Savina, dedicated to Lafcadio Hearn.

A collection of haiku by Scottish poet Claire Thom.
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