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An online gathering of poets who discuss their Touchstone Award-winning work, among other topics.

A video haiga by Swedish poet Lars Granström, with original music by Swedish composer Vilhelm Backman.

A video session featuring 35 poets who offer poems they turn to for consolation in times of tribulation.

Dance interpretations of haiku by Indian poet Kala Ramesh.

anya_stclair_daily enso.mp4
A video haiga by Canadian poet an'ya.

A video haiga featuring the work of elementary school children creating their first haiga under the direction of Italian poet and auteur Toni Piccini.

A very brief look at what self-quarantining looks like in the home of American poet and auteur Dave Bonta.

A brief film suggesting the ecological ruin of coastal areas, by the American poet and auteur Dave Bonta.

A brief look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the life of American poet and auteur Dave Bonta.

A series of photo haiku comprising a short film based on the haiku of Australian poet Ron C. Moss.
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