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  • Collection: The Haiku Foundation Library

Miniature biographies in haiku format of great figures primarily from Western culture from the arts and sciences.

A collection of essays regarding the development of the haiku craft by women authors in the early days of Canadian haiku.

A collection of haiku by Irish poet Gilles Fabre.

An article introducing a new fusion form, hainka, a combination of a haiku and a tanka, by Pravat Kumar Padhy .

A collection of tanka-based versions of Rumi's poems, in Scots.

A trilingual collection of haiku by Japanese poet Yasushi Nozu.

A bilingual collection of haiku by Spanish poet Réka Nyitrai.

An article on the relationship between the photograph and the haiku, by Arran Stibbe

An anthology of haiku on the theme of the scarecrow.

A workshop on writing haiku, by Quendryth Young
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