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A chapbook of haiku by Stephen Addiss.

A study of humor in classical Japanese painting by Stephen Addiss..

An anthology of classical Japanese haiku in translation, edited by Stephen Addiss

An anthology of classical Japanese haiku on the theme of people. Edited by Stephen Addiss.

An anthology of poems by 26 poets from the Lawrence, Kansas, area, edited by Stephen Addiss and Stanley Lombardo.

An anthology of classical Japanese haiku with illustrative old prints, edited by Stephen Addiss.

A collection of Japanese haiku and prints, edited by Stephen Addiss and translated into English.

A collection of the poet's publications for 2018.

A classic of the psychoanalytical literature by Alfred Adler.

Development of French Haiku by Bertrand Agostini.pdf
Bernard Agostini reviews the history of French interest in haiku from its rise in late 19C to its wain during and after WWII. Among the poets discussed: Jules Renard; Paul-Louis Couchard; Albert de Neuville; Michel Revon; Gilbert de Voisins; Julian…
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