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Ray Rasmussen offers a commentary on haibun writing style in a haibun by Ken Jones.

An account in haiku of the unfortunate life of haiku poet Sojo Hino, by Susumu Takiguchi.

A short collection of fly haiku by American poet Jeannie Martin.

Poetry and music have both been shown to help build bridges to the minds of those with dementia. This thesis, based on sessions spent by the author, a haiku poet, with persons with dementia, explores the question whether using haiku to nurture the…

A collection of haiku by poets Svetlana Marisova and Ted van Zutphen

A collection of haiku by Canadian poet Tim Sampson.

51 haibun by Stanley Pelter.

An anthology of concrete haiku by international poets.

A monthly mini e-zine that publishes haiku with feminist themes written by women.

A collection of international poetry, including English-language haiku by American poet Jim Kacian (also in Italian translation).
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